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Bee - inspired

One of my most popular repeat patterns is also one of my first. Inspired by my kitchen tile backsplash, the ever so important bumble bee and the social movement to "Let your dandelions grow" I designed and carved this repeat pattern stamp. Carved out of a soft piece of linoleum this little stamp has made it's way onto all sorts of hand printed textile items. One of my favourite of these items is my linen Table runner. I have printed it in a variety of different colours and I just can't choose a favourite. 
Because of this patterns popularity and a desire to expand my colour options I have scanned the pattern and started having it printed digitally on pillow cases and scarves with a company called "The Art Of Where". The product is of wonderful quality with soft and durable fabrics. It is also important to me that I am supporting a fellow Canadian company!  
There are many ways I could use this stamp as I too quite like the design. So far I have played with it on Table Runners, Pillow cases, Scarves and Wallpaper. Who know what this 5" x 5" pattern might find it's way onto next.






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